In this episode 3.5 Wolf rides solo going on an epic rant about anyone who disagrees with the fact that the 1980's wasn't the best decade of wrestling. Also promoting some friends including the band Grizzly Run @grizzlyrunmusic and Nickel City Wrestling @NCWrestling1

Episode three is a bunch of predictions nonsense. We talk video games, predicting the final records for the NY Mets, Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves. WAAAAAAAY too early World Series predictions and then we talk about the big weekend that is WRESTLEMANIA. Steele re-books Jinder Mahal. Will Wolf lose his hair or will Steele get another shot? NXT Takeover, Hall of Fame reactions and stories about some of the inductees and of course, predicting the 10 known Wrestlemania matches. At just over 2 and a half hours, WE HAD A LOT TO SAY!

They say a two man announce team can be good but with the right three, a three man group can legendary. This week our modern wrestling corespondent, the Patrick Swayze of Rassle Revue, Thornhill joins us! We finally answer Paul Clemente's facebook question and oh btw Wolf got a little boozed and went off topic about a hundred times. Next week WE HOPE Wrestlemania will have some type of form so we can make our predictions. For now enjoy the Triple Threat, The Hat Trick, The Three Amigos, The Three Musketeers, the....I ran out of names implying three so CHECK IT OUT NOW. Be sure to subscribe or visit us at or on twitter @rasslerevue or on Facebook

For our first episode we wanted to talk about Wrestlemania, how the event has spawned an entire weekend as well as our best and worst Mania matches and events....BUTTTTTTTTTT instead we spent about 50 minutes discussion the differences between the north and south like calling it dinner or supper? Plus more. We also reflect on our interactions with old school wrestlers like Larry Zbyszko, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer and George "The Animal" Steele.

This is part one of a two part show. Next week we promise to talk NXT, Mania, the entire weekend, ROH, Hall of Fame and answer a question from one of our followers Paul Clemente! Be sure to follow us on twitter @rasslerevue or facebook at and don't forget our website

Testing out some software (and not happy with the results) our boy Wolf does a quick podcast episode on how he would book Kofi Kingston for Smackdown on March 12 2019. Listen and then visit our site or visit us on twitter @rasslerevue and leave us a comment or a thought!